7 Tips to maintain a STRONG & HEALTHY relationship with your loved one

Once you fall in love, you then understand that sometimes it takes more than love for your relationship to work. Even if two people are madly in love with each other but fail to mutually maintain a healthy relationship, they will eventually end up on different paths. Couples often go through phases as their relationship progresses, from the honeymoon phase, then the stabilisation period and finally the balancing phase. During these phases, couples go through ups and downs and how they cope with the issues will determine whether they stay together. Here are 7 tips that you should be mindful if you want to have a strong relationship.

  1. Be emotionally ready to embrace the ups and downs.

There is no such thing like a perfect relationship with no arguments. Be aware that your relationship will not always remain in the honeymoon phase. Do not feel depressed if you are currently going through a down period. Look ahead and know that things will get better if you both take the right steps.

  1. Communication is key to any successful and happy relationship.

Try to maintain an open and transparent communication with your partner. Do not be afraid to tell your true feelings. If your partner is afraid to share inner feelings, do make sure to encourage them on a daily basis to open up. It is only through good communication that you will be able to talk through issues and move forward.

  1. Blaming is a sin.

In a relationship, you tend to always blame your partner for things that he/she might not necessarily have done but you feel that it was their fault. This habit of blaming can hurt your partner’s feelings and damage the foundation of a happy relationship. Try to look at the situation differently as you now want to grow stronger with your partner. Blaming will bring nothing but more harm. It is pointless and meaningless.

  1. Gratitude and appreciation.

The most frequent excuse for most couple’s break ups is that “we have gotten used to each other and we no longer have feelings like we did before”. Do not let your relationship enter this deadly trap. Always reflect on what you are grateful for in your life everyday. Actively show your partner that he/she is important in your life and that their existence brings meaning. Actions of gratitude can be very simple, yet powerful. Examples are a simple kiss/hug every morning, a “thank you” when he/she does something for you or even just telling your partner “I love you”. These little things make a big difference when building a strong and happy relationship.

  1. Individual space is important.

The basis of a relationship is trust and respect. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be with your partner 24/7. On the contrary, the best relationships occur when both parties are able to feel the closeness and warmth from each other and still can enjoy their personal endeavours. You shouldn’t let yourself be pricked by your partner or vice versa. Give each other some space to breathe. This will be beneficial to build a long-term trustworthy and passionate relationship.

  1. Secrets are the demons.

Nothing is worst than keeping secrets from your partner. If you cannot be 100% honest with your loved one and tell them everything, then your relationship is more likely to fail. Secrets often lead to a sequence of lies that totally ruin the trust of the relationship. Once the lies and secrets are spilled out, couples are often forced to break up as they see no future. So refrain yourself from keeping secrets from your partner. There should be no topics that cannot be discussed about.

  1. Time can either build or break a relationship.

As your relationship goes through the different phases and experiences the strain of time, you will realise that your relationship will grow stronger or become “dead”. If you do not want the love and romance to die with time, you should always find ways to spice up the relationship. Whether it is exploring new hobbies, learning new skills or travelling, it is always good to break from the normal routines to give a couple the opportunity to reboot and start afresh. Believing that your relationship will work will definitely help you be optimistic of a better future with your partner.

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