For all girlfriends: 3 Don'ts and Do's for Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, romance and excitement is starting to build in the air. With this day being traditionally the celebration for the ladies, women are more intended to have high expectations. Every girl will have their own version of the PERFECT Valentine’s Day. Imagine a well-planned candle light dinner, flowers and decadent chocolates awaiting for you. However, this happy day often turns into a disappointment when the guy does not meet your expectations. Therefore, to ease every couple, here are 3 Dont’s and 3 Do’s for girlfriends to keep in mind ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Tip 1

Don’ts: Do not always assume that your partner will be able to correctly guess the perfect gift that you were waiting for. Assumptions often lead to over-expectations, eventually turning into a big emotional breakdown.

Do’s: Jokingly hint about the things you might want as present prior to Valentine’s Day. Instead of letting your man to blindly guess and pick out a gift for you, you can give him a few hints while shopping. If you want a new handbag, simply tell your partner that you are looking at changing your current old bag or that you really like this bag design. He/She will then know what you like and most want at the current time. You are more likely to receive what you want for the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

Tip 2

Don’ts: Valentine’s Day is the celebration of a couple’s love. Therefore, both partners should make an effort to make each other feel even more loved and special. Do not assume that Valentine’s Day is only for the ladies. Men also deserve to feel appreciated and special on this occasion.

Do’s: Prepare something meaningful for your significant other. Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to go on a date or to simply reconnect with each other.

Surprise your man when he least expects.

Tip 3

Don’ts: Do not compare the gift that you receive to others. Social media has fuelled this type of unfair and disrespectful trend whereby women would be jealous of other women’s Valentine’s gifts and then complain to their partner. This behaviour definitely ruins the romantic mood. By comparing your partner’s choice to others, you are downgrading him/her, showing no appreciation for the efforts made.

Do’s: Be grateful for everything that you receive from your partner. Regardless of how cheap or simple the present is, you should always think of the current moment as valuable and meaningful. The love that your partner gives you is the ultimate gift you could ever ask. Share your appreciation to your significant other to make them feel loved.

 Are you excited to make this Valentine's Day the best one ever? These tips will help you create your own romantic special event for your loved one.

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